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StartedOctober 20, 2019
EndedOctober 20, 2019
Time Spent10 hour(s)
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DescriptionA platform for learning subjects through XR

Imaginaire was a project I and 4 others made at SolarHacks 2019. The project was designed to facilitate learning through Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (XR) in a classroom.

The plan was to use the students’ phones to connect to a web server.
This web server would run an application that the teacher could access through a website, and use to control the lesson.

At the hackathon, we were able to create 2 demo lessons for physics – one was related to relative and projectile motion, and the other was kinetic and static friction. The student would be able to control the virtual demo using their phone, moving the train and firing the ball to visually understand the idea of projectile motion.

It has a messaging system, web console for the teacher, and an interactive lesson guide. While we only had time to create lessons for physics, this idea could easily be expanded to cover math, computer science, art, and even music.

This project won us the “Best Math Hack” award in the hackathon, which came with a prize worth $100 (along with around $600 in prizes for the team just for participating).