Project Information

StartedJuly 1, 2020
EndedJuly 12, 2020
Time Spent75 hour(s)
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DescriptionA ray-tracer in C and C++

Everay was a project I created for learning the fundamentals of ray-tracing. I decided make it in C to better learn the language as well.

It can:

  • Write images
  • Real-time display in a window
  • Use geometry from 3D model files
  • Move camera with keyboard
  • And more

I had to use geometry, trigonometry, and linear algebra to create the program. More specifically, trigonometric functions and vector math.

It was interesting to directly use the concepts I learned at school in my own personal projects, and I really enjoyed working on it.

I am in the process of creating a newer, more featured version as well. Not anymore – I have integrated this into another project.