Blast Up

Blast Up is the first full project that I had ever published. It is on the Google Play store. Making the app taught me a lot about app development, and this was a fun experience, even if it was a little stressful.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use any 3rd party libraries for graphics or physics, which meant I had to essentially make my own mini- physics, graphics, and audio engine. I also tried to rush it, which ended up being a big annoyance later on. As a result, the gameplay and game quality wasn’t the highest quality. The biggest problem for me was the app signing/certificate process, which happened right at the point before I was due to publish. That alone took me a week and many hours spent on StackOverflow, and was easily one of the most frustrating times I’ve had with software development.

While I don’t consider this app to be up to my normal standards, I am happy that I was able to actually release it.

I have continuted to improve on the app. I made a new version, this time for iOS, called Blasty Rocket (you can find it on the projects page of this website). I am happy with its quality, and these projects give me hope that I can publish something better in the future.